Improves the efficiency of machines by eliminating shocks and vibrations.

  • No foundation or grounding required
  • Immediate commissioning
  • Plant mobilisation
  • Absorbs shock and its impacts
  • Lower noise level
  • Free from external shock loads and vibration
  • Gives longer life for the machine
  • Foundation greatly reduced
  • Installation on the machine takes only few minutes
Machine Mounts Round With Top Level Adjustment

Adjustable machine mountings are available for different load-carrying capacity required for different types of equipment. The proper mount improves the efficiency of the machine. Rubber cushion arrests the vibration of the equipment. Adjustable guide helps the levelling of the equipment in a simple manner.

Anti-Vibration Machine Mount With Built-In Levellings

Bell type anti-vibration machine mount helps to protect various types of machines from all types of vibrations and help to do precision works and give longer life for the machines. At the same time it is economical and easy to fit with the machines. This mount is made up of high quality elements covered with strong metal outer cap. The levelling screws seat into an internal pressure plate, thus providing built-in levelling device.

Anti-Vibration Mountings, Double-U Shear

Available in four sizes, the double U-shear mountings give excellent protection to various types of instruments, trains and conveyor systems, etc. They are equally successful in isolating vibrations of equipments in packing during transit. Fitting is very simple. These mountings are available in different range of sizes for loads of 2 to 200 kg per mounting

Rectangular Sandwich Mountings

Rectangular sandwich type mountings are available in two sizes. These can be fitted under direct compression or at different angles to suit diverse applications and requirements. The same can be used for suspending small engines for mobile applications, hoppers, heavy installation carriage construction, etc. The maximum load carrying capacity is 1000 kg in direct compression and 200 kg in direct shear.

Metacone Mountings

Metacone mountings are mostly used in mobile units to mount engines in trains, trucks, etc. These can be fitted with both static and mobile equipment and also for transportation of equipment. These mountings give excellent shock resistance capacity. The maximum load carrying capacity is 500 kg per mount.

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